Gnarus User Guide

1. Welcome

Welcome to the Gnarus User's Guide

Gnarus aims to make understanding your operation as easy as possible.


We provide a website for you to use on your laptop for more control and a mobile app to use on the go.


If you are training a new staff member or would like to find out everything Gnarus provides, you are in the right place.


As an overview, Gnarus provides the following:

  • Once your admin has given you access, log in to the website or mobile app with your mobile number
  • View realtime charts of the Dry and Wet Bulb temperature in your tunnel
  • View and download all of your data in excel
  • Scan barcodes or enter trolley numbers to track data for your tobacco
  • Copy data between barcodes for a full tobacco lifecycle


For device admins, Gnarus allows you to:

  • Configure SMS and Voice alerts based on current sensor values
  • Allow others to log in to your device, and decide what they are able to do


To learn more about each section, click through the table of contents on the left, or keep scrolling to see all sections.

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